St. Clair Technologies Inc., Held the First Annual Vendor Day


St. Clair Technologies Inc., held the First Annual Vendor Day April 22, 2013. The theme this year was “Now Open”. We celebrated our re-location to Chandler, Arizona, and reaffirmed that we are open to new ideas, innovative vendor processes, and integration of vendor – customer relationships.

The event was well attended with 30 of our top suppliers traveling to Arizona to participate. The agenda included an overview of the new Supplier Delivery Performance measurement process, and the Quality PPM requirement roll out. Members of St. Clair Technologies Purchasing team provided an overview of the new EDI Flat file which will provide vendors with additional forecast information to better manage requirements. The RFQ team provided detailed instructions on the new RFQ format which is required format for submission of quotes moving forward. Finally our President, Charlie Hess emphasized how valuable our vendor relationships are to the success of St. Clair Technologies. Charlie indicated that going forward we will have awards and specific innovations called out during the Vendor Day.

The entire group enjoyed lunch, followed by golf at Seville Golf and Country Club. The Supply Chain Team is looking forward to our next vendor meeting in 2014.


Here are some shots of the fun had on the golf course by our staff and vendors!