WAMBO on Leno’s to do list

WAMBO on Leno's to do list

David Gough
Courier Press staff
Wednesday, February 11, 2004

With Chatham-Kent getting a reputation as a classic car hotbed with WAMBO and the RM Auction Inc. classic car event scheduled for this summer, who knows if a certain celebrity with famous chin might make an appearance.

It is no secret that Leno is a big classic car buff and is a regular at classic car shows in the US. With a collection of over 70 cars Leno has a lot of cars to show. And as someone who runs in the classic car circles Leno is aware of the Wallaceburg Antique Motor and Boat Outing show held in August in Wallaceburg.

“I know about that, I have heard of that,” said Jay Leno in a phone interview with the Courier Press.

When asked if he had thoughts on attending WAMBO Leno did not rule out the possibility. “Maybe one of these days. I try to go to as many car shows as I can,” said Leno.

Leno tapped Wallaceburg recently for a key part in a homemade car he is building. “I have a M47 Patton tank engine and the biggest transmission I could get was this elephant transmission and you guys up there make the harnesses for it. So I had to have the harnesses special made. I called the ladies up there and boy were they professional,” said Leno on the wire harness he ordered from St. Clair Technologies.

Leno’s mechanics were installing the transmission this week. “It fit perfectly, you deal with the guys and they screw it up but if you deal with the ladies they know what they are doing,” said the Tonight Show host.

With the car being a homemade car Leno usually runs into problems finding parts for it. “Usually when you tell people it is a homemade car, we built the frame ourselves and it has an engine from a tank they tell you sorry we can’t help you,” said Leno noting he did not run into the same problem dealing with St. Clair technologies. “They were great, they just said send the specifics and four days later we got the (wire harnesses) said Leno.”