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rEVolutionizing electrical systems

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Innovative Solutions

St. Clair Technologies (SCT) provides cost-effective, innovative solutions, tailored to our customer’s specific needs. SCT is recognized in the industry for our ability to manage customer programs regardless of volume, complexity or product mix as evidenced by our diverse customer base and the various market segments we support.

Customer Focused

SCT is a full service supplier offering multiple avenues of collaboration from the design and development phase to production launch. We utilize custom work processes and proprietary systems that have been refined over decades of experience. Our expertise spans an array of industries including; automotive, military, bus, RV, truck, H-D equipment, marine, power sports, alternative energy and additional markets.

More than just build to print

At SCT, we pride ourselves on responsive and adaptive support. Our knowledgeable and experienced engineering team has the ability to anticipate our customer's needs, which leads to innovative and proactive solutions.

SCT has managed a tremendously diverse range of products and has experience in many different industries. We promote a Value Analysis/Value Engineering approach to product development that focuses on material and labor cost reductions, quality improvements and design enhancements for manufacturability.

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Automated Cutting

Automated Potting

Automated Kitting

Ultra Sonic Welding

IDC (Insulation Displacement Contact)

Over Moulding

Multi-Type Braiding

Electrical Continuity Testing (Ringout)

Seal, Plug, Lock Testing

Terminal Pull and Crimp Testing

Up to Level 5 PPAP

Electrical Print and Harness Design

Custom Component Design


Value Added Engineering

CTPAT (Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism)

FAST (Free and Secure Trade)

Finished Goods Banking

VIN Sequencing

EDI Capabilities

Our products

SCT offers great advantages for all aspects of the automotive wire harness market. From full vehicle wiring systems to customized sealed lighting connection systems; quality and innovation through automation and design are just a few ways that we are helping passenger vehicles become lighter, safer and more efficient every day.

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